Homemade Cakes Better Than Bakeries

Do not rush to the neighborhood bakery for a cake. Pick one of these 24 foolproof cake recipes.

How easy you can make a cake better than any bakery dessert would astonish you. These cakes are easy to make and delicious. 

Make one or all! This list includes your new favorite cake.Napoleon Cake is a stunning treat.

This quick Napoleon cake can be topped with fresh berries and powdered sugar for a summery touch or a light layer of cream and finely crushed puff pastry pieces.

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Our adult-only, exquisite alcoholic dessert is great for you. We like Aperol Spritz and cake. Combining them was fun. 

This oil-based orange Aperol spritz cake is soft and fluffy and tastes like the drink in cake form. It won't solidify in the fridge.

Viennese Sacher torte cake is an elegant European cake recipe. Two layers of chocolate sponge cakes, a delicate coating of apricot jam, and a silky chocolate glaze make this dessert one of the best European chocolate desserts.

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