high-protein foods strengthen and satisfy,

We all require protein, regardless of diet. This crucial nutrient keeps you full, robust, and energized all day.  

The Cleveland Clinic's registered dietitian Julia Zumpano tells TODAY.com, "Protein is a macronutrient, meaning we need fairly large amounts to maintain health.  

Zumpano adds protein deficiency can cause muscle tiredness, trouble growing muscle, weak and brittle nails, and dry, dull hair.  

You may also feel hungry often. Zumpano says, "Protein is really satisfying." If you're hungry despite eating adequate calories, you may need additional protein.  

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Beyond that, protein is constituted of amino acids, which “do so much in our bodies,” says Dallas-based registered dietitian Caroline Susie, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesman.  

Susie claims they create muscle, bones, and cartilage and restore tissue. She says that protein amino acids boost the immune system and metabolic responses.  

Amino acids in protein also help drive metabolic reactions in the body and support the immune system, she adds.

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