Fun Dog Facts You Never Knew

With all the love, cuddles, and companionship these four-legged family members give us, we should learn more about what makes them special—not that we need any more proof. 

Many facts about dogs go beyond their behavior and facial expressions, whether you have a tiny or huge dog.

These are our favorites, but the list could go on.Dogs smell thousands of times better than humans.

Dogs can smell narcotics, dead bodies, bed bugs, explosives, and other things people can't because their noses contain millions more scent receptors than humans'.

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While dogs' sense of smell is remarkable, don't overlook their hearing! Dogs can hear many sounds humans can't due to their ears and muscles. 

The most common reason dogs turn their heads is to find a sound.Dogs have 1,700 taste buds compared to humans' 9,000. 

This is why dogs eat rotting meal scraps (or grass) as eagerly as kibble or steak. They also have a less selective palate due to their natural inclinations from scavenging in the wild.

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