Fun Dog Activities

We prioritize the health and happiness of our dogs. Try these 11 entertaining activities with your pet to bond and have fun. 

Prepare to make precious memories with your pet.Hide goodies under cups in “shell game” and “three-cup monte” to teach your dog strategy and memory.

Create a backyard agility course with hurdles and tunnels. Dog agility training strengthens their bodies and obedience skills.

Playing hide-and-seek at home helps your dog solve problems and stimulates him. 

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Call your dog to discover you hiding behind furniture.Dogs enjoy soccer ball play. Play a short game using a dog-friendly ball for fitness and fun.

Blow pet-safe bubbles to chase and pop. Playing this game is exciting.Classic fetch involves throwing a ball or toy for your dog to retrieve. 

It exercises your dog and strengthens your friendship.Dogs may cool off and have fun in a kiddie pool or sprinkler on hot days.

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