Fresh and Simple Summer Recipes

Easy no-bake Cooling off with summer treats on hot (and lazy) days is crucial.  

This creamy key lime pie takes minutes to make and two hours to chill, but it disappears quickly.  

This deceptively simple chilled fish salad may be an appetizer or main course, like most summer salads.   

You can substitute peeled shrimp, scallops, crab meat, and more.Cookouts, beach picnics, and potlucks suit batch drinks and punches.   

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This sangria-inspired drink uses sparkling wine, white cranberry juice, and coconut rum (or plain white rum).   

One of several summer fruity cocktails we love.This delicious dessert uses the abundance of tomatoes we have in growing season.   

Easy and attractive appetizer with store-bought phyllo pastry and pesto.Who doesn't like cherry season? This creamy, cold, custardy dessert uses fresh Bing or other cherry.   

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