For National Burrito Day, We Have All the Deals on Food! 

Warm tortillas encasing a variety of tasty fillings make burritos an ever-popular comfort food.  

In celebration of National Burrito Day on April 4, a number of fast food restaurants with a Mexican twist are rewarding regulars with discounts and freebies.  

To join Chipotle in celebrating National Burrito Day, your objective is straightforward: open the Burrito Vault. 

To participate, just go to and predict the precise contents of a Chipotle meal four times. 

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If you succeed, you'll gain access to the Burrito Vault, and the first fifty thousand people to do so will receive a BOGO coupon good for their next purchase.  

There are still discounts you can take advantage of even if you are unable to visit a physical Taco Bell location.  

Grab a free burrito from GrubHub when you spend $22 or more, or get one of equal or lesser value when you order a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito from Uber Eats.  

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