Favorite Short-Haired Dog Breeds

The spots on Dalmatians' white coats are black. Since dalmatians used to walk beside fire engines to provide comforting, emotional support

during the days when horses drove fire engines, they are frequently connected to fire stations.

These guys shed a lot even though their fur is short. They only need to be brushed once a week to get rid of loose fur; they don't need to be washed frequently unless they roll in something foul.

They also need a lot of physical activity. They are frequently selected by potential owners based solely on appearance. 

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But be sure you can dedicate yourself to your new spotted buddy and are aware of the requirements of this breed.

Although the Doberman and tiny pinscher are linked, you might be shocked to learn that the "min pin" is the oldest of the two types.

This German toy breed is well-known for being lively and energetic. Additionally, they exude confidence and are willing to play or challenge larger dogs.

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