Experts' Favorite Beer Pairings for Spicy Foods

Beer is the best way to cool down after eating a spicy meal. Beer doesn't always temper spice, and even if it does, why? Its flavor matching may be poor.

After instance, strong flavors can overshadow light beers, while robust ones suffocate delicate foods.

My experience in the beer and hospitality industries has taught me that it's best to learn about different beer styles and their nuances before pairing them with food. 

Naturally, food taste and flavor matching must be understood. Sweetness balances spice, salt reduces bitterness, and citrus cuts fat.

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With that in mind, I've listed my favorite beer genres to pair with spicy foods and dishes that are truly enhanced by the beer-food pairing. 

These pairings will not only improve your dining experience but also inspire you to try new beers.

People may think spicy cuisine goes well with lager. Most ice-cold lagers will cool spicy meals, but you'll ruin your taste buds if you don't pair them.

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