Everyone Misunderstands Dogs

We love our dogs, but many of us don't understand their needs. We've listed 18 things everyone still gets wrong about dogs to help you understand man's best friend and how to be theirs.

The majority of us associate a vigorously wagging tail with happiness. Tail wagging can also signify anxiety, enthusiasm, or hostility, according to The Healthy Pet Club.

It's crucial to watch a dog's body language and other clues before thinking they're happy and friendly.

People incorrectly believe dogs see no color. Their color range is narrower than ours, although they see certain colors.

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Their vision is specialized for movement and low light, and they see predominantly yellow and blue.

The misconception that a dog with a dry, warm nose is unwell is widespread.

 However, environmental changes, hydration, and exercise levels can affect a dog's nose moisture and temperature.Assuming aging dogs can't learn new tricks is unfair to them.

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