Effective and Humane Ways to Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds

Our gardens are precious to us and our dogs. Sometimes our dogs enjoy the garden in ways that are difficult for us!

Your dog may enjoy playing and exploring in a flower garden or bed. Unfortunately, seeing lovely flowers trampled or damaged can be frustrating for people.

Keeping an eye on your dog in the garden is one of the greatest ways to keep them out of flower beds. If your dog goes toward the flower beds when you go outside, try these:

If you notice the behavior early enough, you can instruct them while supervising. Training them from the start is more beneficial than introducing the rule later.

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If your dog enjoys digging up your flower beds, it's tougher to tell them to quit. If you want to protect your flowers, watch your dog when they sniff the garden.

Building a fence or barrier to keep your dog out of your flower beds is another alternative. This approach works depending on your dog's size, age, and personality.

While not the most attractive alternative, there are fences and barrier plants that even your gardener will adore.  Delicate white fences can protect your flowers and look good.

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