Easy Dinner Recipes That Feel Cheating

We offer 15 recipes to help you spend less time cooking and more time doing what you love.  

If you're balancing work and family or need a break, these recipes will ease your evenings. You should try these quick meal recipes!Try Beef Bulgogi Bowls for dinner—a simple recipe for a hearty supper.  

These flavorful bowls make cooking easy. You won't believe how easy it is to make this scrumptious dinner.  

Szechuan Shrimp is a tasty weeknight meal. Spicy sauce and juicy shrimp make it a winner every time.   

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Best part? It's ready in minutes without elaborate cooking.Have you tried Singapore Noodles? They're a tasty twist on a classic recipe for quick dinners.   

They delight the senses with colorful vegetables and fragrant spices. Their speedy completion lets you relax.Mongolian Chicken makes a quick and easy dinner for hectic nights.   

It always wows with its sticky-sweet sauce and delicate chicken. It's surprising how easy it is to make a tasty food.  

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