Easy 30-Minute Dinner Recipes that are Low in Calories 

Before I make the quick rice, I begin by sautéing the pepper and onion.  

Sprinkle some shredded sharp cheddar cheese on top if you choose.  

"Tammy Daniels" from Batavia, Ohio. Check out our curated list of the top low-calorie dishes as well. 

The black beans are brightened with a squeeze of lime, which cuts through the creamy avocado salsa and shrimp." 

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This grilled lime chicken is juicy and flavorful thanks to a fantastic marinade with citrus flavors. 

Marinate the chicken a few hours in advance of dinner for a stress-free supper. 

I owe my love of cooking to my mom and Nana. Making pizza is definitely up there with my favorite things to cook. 

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