Easily Transportable, Healthful Fast Food Orders 

Taco Bell is known for serving some of the healthiest fast food options, and this dish is no exception. 

Tacos typically have between 170 and 300 calories, but watch the sodium level and don't add too many condiments. 

Fast food Caesar salads aren't exactly health food, but homemade Caesar salads aren't terrible either. 

The key is to keep the croutons on the side and the dressing on the side, and it becomes a fantastic option. 

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Pack some fresh fruit as an accompaniment for a fast meal. 

This might not be the greatest choice if you're trying to limit your salt consumption because it contains an astounding 1,190 mg of sodium.  

Make a large pot of chicken noodle soup using low-sodium broth if you want a tasty soup without all the salt.  

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