Dogs that are well-suited to their owners' advancing years 

The little, lively, and energetic Glen of Imaal terrier doesn't tire out their owners with constant barking and running; it hails from Ireland. 

For retirees with the leisure to teach a dog not only the basics of obedience but also some fun tricks, they are an excellent choice. 

Known as the "little lion," the 15-pound adorable lowchen is sure to steal your heart.  

Its courageous nature is one of the reasons for the name.  

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The second is the conventional method of grooming, which comprises shaving the underside and tail close to the skin.  

Some elderly people may not be willing to put in the time or energy required for frequent grooming. 

Fortunately, this dog's attractiveness can be maintained without a lion cut, though it's still best to clip it occasionally. 

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