Dogs may illuminate human cognition and aging.

The holy grail of natural sciences has always been understanding intelligence and the mind.   

Animals can illuminate the origins and organization of mind and cognition while we continue to discover numerous secrets.  

In their newest GeroScience study, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Department of Ethology researchers found that dogs may contain the "g factor.  

These discoveries may help us understand how dog (and human) cognition is organized and how cognitive loss occurs with aging.  

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Mathematical prodigies may also do well in literature essays. Though largely centralized, human cognitive capacities are hierarchical, from task performance to broader cognitive areas.  

The g factor, or general cognitive factor, tops this hierarchy. All cognitive capacities are affected by this g factor, which is also linked to academic, workplace, and professional performance.  

The ELTE Department of Ethology investigated whether dogs had a general cognitive component.  

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