Dog Heartworm Prevention

Most dog parents prioritize parasite-free pets. However, parasite protection goes beyond sight.

Invisible heartworm illness threatens pets. Effective heartworm preventatives make dog heartworm prevention easier than ever.

Heartworm illness threatens dogs in every state, therefore prevention is crucial. It could damage your dog's heart, lungs, and other essential organs.

Clinical symptoms rarely appear until the disease has caused severe damage to canines. 

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Heartworm-positive dogs must undergo rigorous and expensive treatment, and prognosis depends on symptoms, age, and medical history. 

Pet parents may struggle to manage activity and lifestyle limitations for heartworm-treated dogs. Dogs might die from advanced heartworm disease or delayed treatment.

Microfilaria, immature heartworms, are ingested by the mosquito when it feeds on the blood of an infected dog, coyote, fox, or wolf. 

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