Dog Communication Methods

Beyond barks and tail wags, dogs communicate differently. From the iconic “puppy dog eyes” to the zoomies that fascinate us (and occasionally scare us for our furniture)  

dogs are continuously communicating. Learn your dog's language to bond with them and become a dog whisperer.   

Let's look at 14 ways your dog communicates!On a quiet evening on the couch, your dog starts running around the house like a furry bullet.  

Welcome to zoomies! This energy explosion is your dog saying, “I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!” The enthusiasm they've been holding in suddenly bursts out.   

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Zoomies are a natural method for dogs to release energy, and seeing them makes you grin.  

Have you ever seen your dog poised on the couch or chair back, surveying their kingdom? Dogs prefer higher ground for better views.  

This action may indicate that they're nervous and seeking safety and comfort.  

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