Dog Breeds That Shed the Most Hair Throughout History 

Their undercoat may come out in clumps, making frequent grooming sessions necessary due to the breed's heavy shedding.  

Huskies' coats are vital to their health because, despite shedding, they assist control their temperature in both warm and cold conditions.  

In order to control the shedding, owners should purchase high-quality grooming equipment. 

The Alaskan Malamute sheds its thick, waterproof coat all year round, but especially at seasonal changes. 

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Its thick coats provide protection from the severe Arctic climate, and these dogs were originally developed to pull hefty sleds.  

German Shepherds are notoriously heavy shedders; in fact, they shed twice yearly, in spring and fall, to accommodate the changing seasons.  

Grooming is essential for controlling shedding and keeping their thick undercoat in good condition.  

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