Discover Top Watchdog Breeds

Foxes are among the most impulsive and energetic terriers. Whenever they're awake, they play and run.   

This constant energy can be a burden, but it can also make these dogs superb watchdogs. Too tiny for guard dogs.   

these persistent dogs will report anything unusual. Their excellent hearing and vision let them spot things others overlook.  

These dogs are brave and confident. Even when powerless, they won't back down from an intruder. They inspire with their tenacity.   

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While they make good watchdogs, we only recommend this breed for energetic people.  

They need lots of exercise and might overwhelm calmer owners.While you shouldn't adopt a dog primarily to guard your home, a good watchdog might be a bonus.   

with a deep, threatening bark. They're not violent, but their size and bark deter visitors.  


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