Discover the world's largest dog breed and compare it to others.

Dogs are unofficially "man's best friend," but they deserve it. Some archaeologists believe dogs were the first tamed animal, accompanying humans 30,000 years ago.   

Dogs evolved from their wolf ancestors slowly, then quickly, as breeding improved. Dogs as little as a dollar bill and as heavy as an apple exist nowadays.  

There are also huge dogs that hunt, defend, and rescue drowning fishermen. Giants are loyal and terrifying to invaders.   

Herd sheep, fight lions, and chase bears up trees. They like belly rubs and cuddling with people. Mascots, movie stars, and state dogs.   

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Big dogs require commitment from their owners. High-energy people need frequent exercise to keep healthy physically and mentally.  

To be friendly, they need intentional and targeted training because they are more aggressive than smaller dogs.   

Big dog owners must ensure they can provide the commitment and care these breeds need to thrive.  

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