Discover Amazing Mountain Dog Breeds

A mountain dog is hard to miss. Mountain dog breeds stand out due to their thick, hairy coats, protective instincts, friendly nature, and occasionally huge stature.

Do mountain dog breeds live up to the hype? Some popular mountain dog breeds are listed here. 

You may decide you need one or two.Knowing that your huge dog, whether a tricolored Berner or a cuddly Newfie, was bred to thrive in tough and hilly locations may intrigue you. 

This breed was formerly used to pull carts, protect owners, herd animals, and guard farms. They've grown into affectionate, lively family dogs. 

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They are expert-level dogs that need experienced owners.Need a giant furry family mush? Stop looking. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs are loving and protective. Berners are named after their hometown, Bern, Switzerland. 

They dragged carts, watched, and helped cultivate. Crossbred Roman Mastiffs and herding dogs are also known to produce them.

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