Dietitians' Top Canned Foods for Weight Loss

Food prep can help you lose weight. Even well-intentioned efforts to have food and protein on hand might be derailed if your week turns sour and you have too much fresh produce or raw chicken in the fridge.  

Let this all-too-familiar vision not deter you from your aspirations. Instead, choose easy, low-prep meals.   

Good starting point? Canned food.Yes! Canned-food gamers should not feel embarrassment! Canned foods are nutritious and convenient for quick meals.  

Nutrients discovered that diets with more nutrient-dense canned and fresh foods were better than those without.   

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People who ate canned goods had more potassium, fiber, and calcium, which we lack.  

Caroline Young, M.S., RD, owner of Whole Self Nutrition, believes canned foods are a fantastic, quick, and affordable source of nutrient-dense foods.  

In my business, many clients need convenience during high-stress times, and canned foods allow them to eat veggies and plant-based proteins.   

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