Delicious, Low-Cost Foods Your Parents Gave You 

Making the same meals you had as a kid is an easy, inexpensive, and 

utterly nostalgic way to reconnect with your childhood and your roots.  

A YouGov poll found that the most popular sandwich in the United States is the simple grilled cheese. 

"The ooey, gooey grilled cheese—a comfort food staple—came in with a likeability rating of 79%, with the most nods for 'like' or'somewhat like.'" 

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The iconic American dish of grilled cheese is rich in flavor, simple to prepare, and affordable. 

Beans and cheese create a hearty burrito that is affordable, full of protein, and guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. 

In addition to being a fantastic weeknight dinner prep option, they are completely customizable with any toppings or flavors you like and are really easy to make. 

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