Delicious Cupcake Recipes for an Easter Party 

This lovely and simple Easter cupcake hack is sure to be a hit with guests.  

Cut the unfrosted cupcakes in half before you bake them.  

To finish off the umbrella, attach a snippet of straw for the handle.  Frost the tops. 

Cupcakes made with three different kinds of milk—buttermilk, evaporated, and sweetened condensed—are topped with toasted coconut for crunch.  

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To whip up some buttermilk in the event that you run out: 

Pour 1 cup of milk into a measuring cup, add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice, stir, and let sit for five minutes. 

Cupcakes made with a brown sugar cake mix and topped with a slightly salty caramel sauce are the epitome of decadence.  

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