Cute Dog Breeds with Odd Challenges

Many breeds of dogs are loyal, affectionate, and unique, but others have unanticipated obstacles that future owners should consider.   

These breeds make great pets, but their needs may require extra care or training.  

Twelve attractive dog breeds with surprising obstacles are listed below....Dalmatians, known for their spotted coat and firehouse associations, are lively and need lots of exercise.  

They can be deaf and need early socialization to avoid behavioral difficulties.Chow Chows have lion-like manes and are aloof.   

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Training them is difficult due to their independence and stubbornness. They need frequent grooming and are suspicious of strangers.  

Due to their stocky frame and wrinkly faces, bulldogs are prone to respiratory and joint difficulties.   

Take your dog on walks and car journeys to introduce it to different situations outside home.  

They must clean their facial wrinkles regularly to avoid infections.Siberian Huskies have stunning eyes and coats. They are hyperactive and need lots of activity.

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