Cute Dog Breeds That Have the Sharpest Ears 

Maybe you bought a book listing all 450 breeds, but it's giving you more trouble than it's worth.  

That's why it can be useful to zero in on a particular trait that you find appealing; for instance, large, pointed ears.  

When you bring a puppy into your household, you'll want to take pictures of its gorgeous pointed ears to post on social media because they are one of the cutest attributes. 

Despite their superficial resemblance to Huskies, Malamutes are an excellent dog breed in their own right. 

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They can reach a weight of 85 pounds and are described by the American Kennel Club as large, friendly, playful, loyal, and affectionate. 

According to Dog Time, this medium-sized breed is known for its high intelligence and high energy levels.  

This is the perfect puppy for you if you're constantly on the move. 

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