Curly-tailed dog breeds most popular

Some of the most popular curly-tailed dog breeds are cute! No matter how pretty or poodle-shaped, a dog's tail is more than just an adornment.

Dogs' tails help them balance and keep them warm. (A dog napping with its tail folded over its nose shows how that works).

The dog's tail can convey joy, dominance, curiosity, or hostility.Tails curl deeper than skin.

The bones inside determine a dog's tail curl. Tails are vertebrae because they extend the spine. Some dog breeds' tail vertebrae flex or bend.

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Scientifically, a dog's curling tail is cute. None of the top 10 dog breeds of 2022, according to the American Kennel Club, have curly tails.

Curly-tailed dogs barely figure in the top twenty. An individual dog of a breed may have an arched or curling tail. 

 a curly tail doesn't seem to increase breed popularity. Who wants to judge a dog by its tail? After all, wag matters.

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