Care for These Expensive Dog Breeds 

There are some dog breeds that necessitate more financial outlays for their maintenance, but the love and company they provide is invaluable. 

The total cost of dog ownership can vary greatly from one breed to another due to differences in grooming demands, medical costs, and food restrictions. 

When considering the cost of maintenance, these 24 breeds rank among the highest.  

Prices may differ depending on individual situations, however the amounts given are rough estimates based on feedback from breed owners.  

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Shiba Inus can be expensive to vet due to their susceptibility to conditions like allergies and patellar luxation.  

Your Shiba's specific needs, like medical concerns, as well as your lifestyle and location, determine a wide variety of possible maintenance costs. 

Newfoundlands need frequent brushing to maintain the health of their thick, waterproof coat.  

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