Can Dogs Benefit from Collagen Chews? 

A more recent variety of dog chew is becoming more well-liked by pet owners and their canine companions. 

Are you having trouble finding a safe substitute for rawhide chews for your dog after hearing the warnings from experts regarding their possible dangers?  

We will begin with the fundamentals before moving on to the advantages. 

So, what is a collagen chew, precisely? Collagen chews are dried animal products, similar to rawhide.  

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On the other hand, rather from using the hide, it is crafted from the dermal layer of a cow. 

This seemingly little change makes the food far easier to digest, reducing the possibility of blockages for pet parents who are worried about rawhide. 

Flat chews, sticks, classic bone shapes, and rings are just a few of the collagen chew product options. 

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