Bulldogs that are cute and loyal

Bulldogs are known for their wrinkles, "sour mug" looks, and stocky build. Their appearance, demeanor, and temperament may not suit all dog owners.  

If you follow a handful of French or American bulldog accounts for their cuteness, adopting one of the dozens of bulldog breeds may be a match made in heaven.  

We've gathered some of the cutest, loving, loyal, and kid-friendly bulldogs to help you choose the right one for your household. It can be a long and difficult process.  

Bulldogs have a muscular frame, pushed-in nose, tiny ears, and rolling pace regardless of breed.   

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The short, silky coat comes in many colors. Some breeds are huge, while others are small. Although bulldogs love cuddling, they are rather active.   

However, many can thrive in a metropolitan apartment or rural home with a backyard. You must care for these puppies so they are fed well and trained early on.  

Their short snout makes breathing difficult in hot or humid weather, therefore they should stay in air-conditioned spaces.  

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