Breeds of Dogs The Least Desired 

Every breed, from the most adoring to the ones wrongly deemed "less desirable," has its own special charisma just waiting to be found. 

Thus, let's examine the most despised dog breeds that are actually deserving of our undivided attention. 

Think of an enormous Beagle with an aura of majesty and a love of hunting; that's the English Foxhound!  

These majestic pups still have plenty to offer, even though their hunting skills aren't exactly in demand these days. 

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They were once used to hunt foxes, but today they're seeking friendly homes where they can be themselves.  

Children and other pets are also welcomed with open arms. 

Although smaller in stature than its English equivalent, the American Foxhound makes up for it in outstanding hunting prowess and unmistakable howl.  

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