Breeds of Dogs That Cost the World's Most 

Having a puppy comes with its fair share of expenses, including vet visits, food, toys, treats, grooming, boarding, and dog walking. 

We compiled this list of the priciest dog breeds taking into consideration not only the final price tag but also the initial investment required to get the pet.  

We used, a resource for finding healthy, vet-checked puppies and dogs from reputable breeders and shelters,  

to sift through puppy listings nationwide and arrive at an average cost, as there are no fixed prices for dog breeds.  

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Thor, a bulldog, is often brought up when the hosts of the National Dog Show recount their most memorable memories.  

The lovely swagger and adorable flat-faced dog breed captivated viewers and onlookers.  

Not only that, but he won Best in Show for 2019 after impressing the judges. 

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