Breeds of Dogs That Are Extremely Quiet 

A "cat-like" description has been given to the Japanese chin. They are watchful and careful, but they are quiet dogs. 

This gentle dog appreciates quiet time just as much as you do.  

Although Chins are fantastic apartment dogs and amazing family pets in general, they are best suited to homes with older children.  

You might not picture a placid bulldog as a result of their brachycephalic (or short-headed) breed.  

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Although they do generate a considerable amount of noise (their snoring is practically human-sized), their barking is somewhat subdued.  

Keep your bullies busy because they spend much of their time resting and lazing around, which makes them quiet but also makes them likely to put on weight.  

Despite its hunting heritage, the Irish Setter is one of the quieter canine breeds.  

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