Best Dog Breeds for Health 

People have a tendency to minimize the magnitude of the undertaking that is getting a dog because, well, there is no denying that dogs are adorable. 

Okay, but let's face the facts. It takes almost as much effort to care for a puppy as it does for a baby, and the cost of doting on them is rather high.  

If we exclude the initial cost, the annual cost of pet supplies and veterinary treatment for a single dog  

A dog breed that is considered to be among the healthiest can be selected as a means of reducing expenses. 

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In addition to having naturally long lives, these breeds of healthy dogs are noted for having a low incidence of inherited health issues. 

It is possible that they will still have some of the physical problems that are associated with getting older, 

The Australian cattle dog is renowned for its extraordinarily long lifespan, as evidenced by the fact that one of them made 

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