Best cocktail kits to unleash your inner bartender

The Here Here Market Happy Hour at Home gourmet cocktail kit is perfect for gifting or keeping. Here Here Market, like GoldBelly, sells snacks and gourmet ingredients in buy-it-now or subscription meal boxes.  

This cocktail kit inspires cocktail lovers and aspiring bartenders with its stylish, giftable box and high-quality ingredients.  

Choose a cocktail box with barware or the cheaper version if you already have a spoon and jigger. I tested the barware kit.  

Both components are strong and durable; I predict years of service from each.  

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I loved that each item received a card with brand information and a QR code to repurchase. The contents felt chosen and high-quality.  

The Enroot tea and cocktail cherries exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely gift this package, plus I found several new brands to add to my bar cart!Avoid guessing your giftee's favorite spirit.   

Sugarwish offers three-bottle boxes and 12-bottle variety packs. Choose the size and input the recipient's email address to gift.   

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