Avoid these typical mistakes to please your dog.

External circumstances can cause these emotions. Your treatment of a dog greatly affects their health. Let's discuss pet-annoying behaviors.

Avoid dressing a dog in clothes unless they've done it since puppyhood. Otherwise, they may be uncomfortable. 

 Yorkies, Maltese, and Shih Tzus need winter sweaters or jackets, but huge dogs shouldn't wear bulky coats.

Avoiding tormenting your pet by pulling its tail or hiding treats is also key. These acts may not amuse your dog, causing miscommunication or distrust.

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Always remember that dogs can be disrupted by routine changes. All dogs need rules and consistency to avoid stress and stay safe. Thus, regular meal, walk, play, and exercise schedules are crucial.

Finally, avoid aggressive hugging. It may surprise you, but not all dogs like being hugged. 

Different people show affection differently. Let your pet run away if they try to escape your arms.

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