A "People Detox" Is Necessary for These Zodiac Signs This Spring 

Before the spring season really begins this year, there are a few zodiac signs that should cut ties with certain people. 

Sign of the Pisces   Even though the hurtful comments they make about you are eating you alive on the inside, you manage to keep a level head in public.  

They are beyond rescue. Still, there is a way out. Those who care about you and want what's best for you can be your support system. 

Capricorn   Nobody wants to face the truth that they fell for a bad apple or became attached to someone who wasn't good for them.  

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People who don't merit your kindness will surround you if you don't. 

Sign of Libra  Libra, you tend to hang out with unworthy people since you're afraid to confront them.  

We have had enough. You should prioritize your own well-being. For once, you should prioritize your own happiness before theirs. 

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